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Reaction to ‘What exactly are white people superior at” video

It’s no surprise that the internet is amuck with disgusting content. But the latest video from The Cut takes the cake. What kind of cake? Let’s just call it the worst fruitcake you’ll ever attempt to eat.

They released their latest video, titled, “So what exactly are white people superior at.” Initially, it sounded like the featured guests would actually contemplate whether so-called white supremacy is real. One could assume that maybe someone would come to an epiphany that may the white supremacy narrative isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

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Instead, the video took an immediate turn for the worst in what appeared to be a racial bashing of white people. Perhaps “wrong answers only” was the goal here.

Each of the hundred participants answered the question “what exactly are white people superior at?” The responses ranged from spite-filled to down-right hateful.

At the time of this article being written, the YouTube video had over 525K views with 7.6K likes, 100K dislikes and over 10K comments. You’ve never seen a more ratioed video in your life. It’s a surprise that the video lasted more than a week on the platform. Comments were originally off, though now they are open and the pushback is exactly what the internet needed to see.

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If there were anything good to come of this video, it would be the unveiling of the fact that no one race of people has a monopoly on racism. For some people, it might come as a shock that some black people harbor such ideas about their white counterparts.

A very good friend explained to me that this actually isn’t about race at all. In fact, this sort of vitriol and ignorance has never been about race. What we’re actually witnessing is a difference of opinion but also a failure to properly identify and discuss those differences in a constructive manner.

Sometimes these differences of opinion are too complex to articulate in words, upon which the ignorant rely on superficial identifiers — like race and gender — to communicate what they believe to be true. Ultimately, it’s a cop out that evades personal accountability and actual knowledge about the world around them. And it’s evident in this video that this brand of ignorance knows no racial boundary.

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But until the majority of us come to this realization, society must look down at an even greater chasm between us all. The distance between people has grown wider, especially as full-blown racism becomes mainstream and trendy.

Back to the video and putting ignorance aside, there’s nothing to actually take away from watching it. It’s pure shade and the people who put the video together are not sorry about it. Funny how we talk about the lack of constructive, educational content about racial healing and “reconciliation” and yet something like this gets produced. I mean why bother asking for a seat at the table when you’re just going to bring a dead rodent to dinner?

Furthermore, in a society where hate speech is despised and inclusion is promoted, we should be curious about YouTube’s position on leaving a video like this up at all. If this is allowed to escape the platform’s Terms of Service, then there are probably thousands of honest content creators who deserve an apology yesterday.

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