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Kyle Rittenhouse Is FREE From Jail And The Left Melts Down!

Kyle Rittenhouse has been freed from jail on $2 million dollar bail thanks, in large part, to actor Ricky Schroder and Mike Lindell of My Pillow. The 17-year-old had been in custody since shortly after a late August 2020 incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin that happened during the Jacob Blake protests. Rittenhouse still faces court action relating to shooting three people, killing two of them, and for allegedly possessing an AR-15 rifle while underage. Rittenhouse’s case is a highly political one due to the climate and circumstance surrounding it.

Jacob Blake was shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin by police officers responding to a domestic violence incident. Although Blake did not die, the shooting was enough to spark yet another series of black lives matter “protests” that were sweeping the nation at the time. A key element of the “protests” (riots) was the destruction of property. Plenty of storefronts and private homes were either damaged or completely destroyed. Rittenhouse and a buddy of his decided to protect some of these businesses from being destroyed by BLM and ANTIFA “protesters” in the area.

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Rittenhouse was actually interviewed by The Daily Caller on the night of the shooting he was involved with before it happened. He told the journalist that his role was to protect property and help people who were injured in the protest. Rittenhouse even displayed a medkit. The young man did not appear to be in Kenosha looking for trouble. As a matter of fact, the video of the incident question shows Rittenhouse running away from trouble on several occasions, even with his rifle on him at all times.

As the night in question wore on, the so-called “protesters” (rioters) became more and more violent. Rittenhouse was eventually chased by one man who threw an object at him then backed him into a corner. This man was the first to be shot and killed. Rittenhouse tried to render the man aid after he shot him because the objective was self-defense, not pre-mediated murder. He was not able to render the aid due to the large crowd of angry rioters who descended upon the scene.

Rittenhouse ran away from the rioters and found himself on the ground after he fell down. A mob of people immediately attack him. One man jumped up with what appeared to be skateboard in his hands. Rittenhouse shot him. Another man brandished a handgun on Rittenhouse and he was shot in his arm which produced a nasty injury. Rittenhouse was taken into custody a short time later.

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Mainstream media and others on the left paint Rittenhouse as some type of white supremacist or racist for his involvement in the shootings. But the question is… why? Rittenhouse appears to be white and the three people he shot were all white. Nobody black was involved. Maybe since the white people who were shot were “allies” of the left, then that means shooting them is a racist act? The first man who was shot shouted the “n-word” repeatedly at random people throughout the night. Rittenhouse did no such thing. He only defended himself.


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