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NYC Bodega Store Clerk Gets Attacked Then Charged With Murder After Clear Case Of Self-Defense

New York City bodega store clerk Jose Alba, age 61, took the life of 35-year-old Austin Simon in a clear case of self-defense. The incident happened late Friday night in Harlem on the 3400 block of Broadway near West 139th Street. Although the entire incident was caught on video and is obviously self-defense, NYC District Attorney Alvin Bragg has decided to levy second-degree murder charges against the store clerk. New York Mayor Eric Adams gave brief remarks outside of the bodega and expressed his support for the clerk. The mayor emphasized the point about defending people who follow the law. And obviously, it is perfectly legal for a person to defend themselves against an assailant.

The background to this particular story is all too familiar. A woman entered the store with her daughter. The woman attempted to use her EBT (government benefit) debit card to purchase the chips. The card declined and the clerk tried to take back the chips. The woman alleges that Alba did not just “take” back the chips. She says he either slapped or snatched the chips out of the little girl’s hands. And of course, the woman becomes irate, knocking over items on the bodega counter. Then she leaves the store to get her boyfriend. This is where things go haywire.

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About ten minutes after the confrontation with the irate woman at the counter, her boyfriend (Austin Simon) walks into the store. He immediately goes behind the counter to confront Jose Alba, the clerk. Surveillance video shows Simon shove Alba down into a chair that was behind the counter. Simon then hovers over Alba in a threatening manner. After a short while, Alba tries to get up and leave. Simon proceeds to try and attack Alba again. At this point, Alba produces a knife and stabs Austin Simon multiple times. Simon died as a result of his multiple stabbing injuries a short time later.

Austin Simon’s girlfriend (the person who started the whole situation) stabbed Jose Alba during the melee between him and Simon. She has not been charged. Jose Alba, however, has been charged with second-degree murder. He is from the Dominican Republic originally and he had planned a vacation there before this incident. That vacation date is coming up very soon. This caused his passport to be … revoked or suspended? Because they assumed he would be a flight risk. Meaning, that he would fly to the D.R. and refuse to come back to face judgment. Alba is also required to wear an ankle monitor and to not exceed the boundaries of the New York City boroughs.


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