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AZ Congressional Candidate Jerone Davison Releases Amazing Campaign Ad

A black male by the name of Jerone Davison released an amazing campaign ad for his Congressional run in Arizona. The Second Amendment has become an extremely hot topic as of late. Several mass shootings across the country sparked the U.S. Government to pass tighter gun control laws. Certain states are becoming even more strict than they were before. Other states are strengthening rights for gun owners and loosening restrictions. Canada outright banned handguns. The issue of guns and gun control is all over the place. Jerone Davison, however, wants you to know that he is completely pro-Second Amendment.

The campaign ad is short but sweet at less than thirty seconds. Several men wearing Klan-style outfits appear to approach Jerone’s home with various weapons in their hands. Jerone is shown wearing a suit with dark shades and an AR-style rifle. He is also narrating the short campaign spot and says something to the effect of “I’ll need all 30 rounds” which is a reference to attempts at trying to reduce the rounds allowed in rifle magazines. In Canada, rifle magazines are limited to five rounds. This is clearly not enough for a situation when someone is being descended upon by an entire mob of people. Although the situation depicted in the ad is not common at all, it can and does happen. Every man and woman should be able to protect themselves and their families from any threat similar in nature to what was shown.

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Jerone Davison For Congress 🇺🇸

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  1. When you make it about skin color it takes on a whole other level of disinformed hypocritical delusions. I’d love to see an ad for a native indian politician doing the same but with the “evil” perpetrators dressed as ex-slave Buffalo Soldiers. Hmm..

    Shhhhhhhhh! We dont talk about such things because it decimates our entire sociopolitical ideology not to mention hundreds of billions in annual fund raising donations from indoctrinated brainwashed halfwits to our anti-white racist “not for profit” propagation of lies organizations!!



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