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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Calls Out Black Lives Matter After Night Of Bloodshed

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called out Black Lives Matter during a television interview after a rash of shootings rocked the city. The Spectrum News t.v. spot started off with a conversation about the recent Brooklyn subway shooting. Unfortunately for NYC, violence is not simply sporadic like the subway shooting. It has become a common occurrence. After the subway shooting, there were at least 16 shootings in Brooklyn and the Bronx in less than a 24-hour period of time. Three of these shootings were fatal. The victims and suspects appear to be all black. So Eric Adams simply pointed out the clear elephant in the room. He asked about Black Lives Matter not being present for this sort of continuous violence when they are present when a police officer or a non-black person kills a black person.

Obviously, the Black Lives Matter organization is not to blame for the violence in New York City. It is easy for Eric Adams to talk about this organization’s clear hypocrisy after a shooting because he is correct. That group does not care about dead black men or women unless it can benefit their pockets. And black-on-black violence does not ring the cash register the same way a white-on-black shooting/killing does. The problem is, again, BLM isn’t necessarily to blame here. They don’t help, but neither does the policy of New York City officials like Eric Adams or District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Releasing violent repeat offenders without bail so they can continue to terrorize the city should be viewed as a source of crime as well.

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