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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says Migrant Crisis Will Destroy The City

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently lamented the impact of the migrant crisis, saying that it would “destroy” NYC. The “controversial” comments were made during a town hall on the Upper West Side on Wednesday night. Adams blasted Texas Governor Greg Abbott for busing thousands of migrants to his city as well as the Biden administration for refusing to help them with federal dollars. Adams says they have received 110,000 migrants in just one year. He continued to say that there would be service cuts to pay for the influx of these people. A five percent cut for all NYC agencies has just been announced as of the writing of this article.

Complaining about the migrant crisis and warning that it will “destroy” the city is quite the change from what Eric Adams campaigned on in 2021. Back then, he stated that NYC would continue to be a “sanctuary city” under an Adams administration. This means that the city will not deport illegal aliens, therefore becoming a sanctuary for them. It appears as if Adams regrets those words… or maybe he did not intend to actually deal with the southern border crisis so directly.

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