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Ohio Police Officer Caught Using N-Word On Body Camera

A 14-year veteran police officer from Cincinnati, Ohio named Rose Valentino was caught using the “n-word” on body camera. Valentino was working at a school organizing traffic in her vehicle. A black teenager flipped her “the bird” as they left the school. This action set Valentino off. She began to curse excessively and in this tirade, she used the n-word. Valentino also said she hates “them” presumably referring to black people. The local police department says Valentino has an exemplary record… save for a few incidents that have happened recently.

There is a lawsuit involving a black real estate agent and his black client who were viewing a home when Valentino and three other officers allegedly harassed them. The city settled for around $150k. Another incident happened when Valentino was off duty. She pushed two people and struck their vehicle with an umbrella… Britney Spears style. The umbrella incident caused Valentino to be enrolled in anger management classes. Judging by this most recent outburst, those classes didn’t really take hold. Valentino says the racial slur outburst is outside of her character. She also says that rap music and general conversation on the street have desensitized her to this type of language.

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  1. “She also says that rap music and general conversation on the street have desensitized her to this type of language.”. Exactly. If youve never been to Cincinnati, the inner city that is, then you have no right to an opinion on this. The ghetto in Cincinnati is a disgusting cesspool of drug infested gang criminals and lazy welfare losers. I can guarantee you every single day she is on patrol in the city she is called a cracker, karen, honky, white bread etc etc etc… after dealing with that sort of lowlife scum I think shes entitled to an poinion and saying anything she damn well wants to say, especially in the “privacy” of her squad car.

    Walk down any street in any city in any area that is predominantly black, go on Youtube for 5 minutes, listen to any urban style black music, watch any reality tv shows with black people in it and whatya hear? Nigger. Over and over again, sometimes multiple niggers in a single barely intelligible sentence. So whats the big deal she said the “N-word”??? Oh thats right, shes white skinned. Once again, buffalo soldier hypocrites thinks they are the only ones entitled to something.

    I said it before and I will say it again, when they stop saying nigger, maybe I will stop saying it too. Maybe others will too. Until then, nigger please.

  2. I think she needs a new line of work, or a job at a smaller dept. I think the daily crap you see and pressure of being on a larger city police force has finally gotten to her. There is nothing wrong with not being cut out for that kind of work load. It’s only wrong to stay there and take your bad days and moods out on other people. Time to move on to something that won’t be so stressful on the daily.


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