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Ohio Police Officer Caught Using N-Word On Body Camera

A 14-year veteran police officer from Cincinnati, Ohio named Rose Valentino was caught using the “n-word” on body camera. Valentino was working at a school organizing traffic in her vehicle. A black teenager flipped her “the bird” as they left the school. This action set Valentino off. She began to curse excessively and in this tirade, she used the n-word. Valentino also said she hates “them” presumably referring to black people. The local police department says Valentino has an exemplary record… save for a few incidents that have happened recently.

There is a lawsuit involving a black real estate agent and his black client who were viewing a home when Valentino and three other officers allegedly harassed them. The city settled for around $150k. Another incident happened when Valentino was off duty. She pushed two people and struck their vehicle with an umbrella… Britney Spears style. The umbrella incident caused Valentino to be enrolled in anger management classes. Judging by this most recent outburst, those classes didn’t really take hold. Valentino says the racial slur outburst is outside of her character. She also says that rap music and general conversation on the street have desensitized her to this type of language.

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