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Black Lives Matter Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize

The notorious group known as Black Lives Matter has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian MP Petter Eide. Eide says Black Lives Matter (BLM) showed the rest of the world that it is necessary to address racial injustice. According to The Guardian, BLM-type riots are responsible for at least two dozen deaths in the United States in just ten months of 2020, most of which comes after the death of George Floyd in May.

Black Lives Matter presents itself as a group inspiring positive change in relation to how black Americans are treated in the United States. BLM says police brutality and racial injustice should not be tolerated in a fair and just society. That general statement is a thing that most people would agree with. Problems begin when an incident happens that may or may not actually be justified. The first conflict begins over if the incident even qualifies as something to rally over. Then comes the “rally” itself, which in the case of BLM, often becomes a violent riot.

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As mentioned earlier, at least 25 people died in a ten-month period of 2020 due to BLM-style “protests” that devolve into riots or something similar. A prime example of this is the death of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta. He fell asleep drunk while in a Wendy’s drive-thru and wound up fighting police attempting to detain him. The police shoot him at a certain point and he dies. The next day, or maybe even later on that night, the Wendy’s was burned nearly completely down. Soon thereafter, it was “taken over” similar to other BLM/ANTIFA “autonomous zone” that were allowed to exist all over the country during the summer. A few days later, an unsuspecting woman made a wrong turn off the highway into the “occupied zone” Atlanta-area Wendys. Her car was shot up and that resulted in the death of 8-year-old Secoreia Turner.

Countless other deaths have happened in a similar fashion to little Secoreia. When BLM violence from riots first started back in 2014/2015 under Barack Obama – a 9-year-old girl by the name of Jamyla Bolden was shot and killed. She was on her mother’s bed doing homework when a stray bullet came through a wall and hit her. Not much media attention was given to her death, although extensive media attention was given to Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by police in the very same town of Ferguson, Missouri. Then there was 77-year-old David Dorn who was shot and killed over a flat-screen TV during a riot in St. Louis, not far from Ferguson, in 2020 after a BLM-style riot.

So much death, pain, and destruction has happened at the hands of ANTIFA and BLM that it is hard to quantify. BLM also raised $10.6 billion dollars in a six month period of 2020. So not only are they a group with plenty of blood on their hands, they are also filthy rich with nothing of any positive value to show for it, aside from the fact that the money goes through the DNC’s preferred money processor. Their money is blood money and the Nobel Peace Prize, even if just a nomination, seeks to justify their place in society rather than condemn it which is the proper thing to do.

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