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OSU Head Coach Mike Gundy APOLOGIZES For Wearing OAN Shirt!

Oklahoma State University (OSU) head football coach Mike Gundy issued an awkward one-minute video apology for wearing a One America News (OAN) shirt. OSU’s leading rusher, Chuba Hubbard, replied to a Twitter post of the picture by essentially threatening to boycott the upcoming football season if “change” didn’t happen. The snapshot of the coach happened while he was fishing on a lake in his private time.

Shortly after Hubbard’s tweet about Gundy’s t-shirt, they released a video together. Hubbard basically apologized for airing his grievance on Twitter, saying he should have come to the coach as a man. Mike Gundy said he had a great talk with the team at OSU and they informed him why the shirt was problematic. The core issue here is that the network is right-leaning and is critical of Black Lives Matter.

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Another video, this time from Gundy himself, was released on Twitter. It was strange. Sort of like a hostage tape. He directly apologized to everyone offended by the shirt and promised change going forward. Gundy’s apology comes at a time where nearly everything a person says, does, wears, or eats requires an apology.


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