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Pete Buttigieg Appears Surprised At This Statement About Black Voters On “The Breakfast Club” Radio Show

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was taken aback by a statement from Charlamange Da God on “The Breakfast Club” referencing black voters. Charlamagne is notorious for his very liberal viewpoints on the show, however, he took a moment to challenge Buttigieg on politics. The statement was pretty straightforward and it refers to something that has been brewing underneath the proverbial “surface” for a while now.

Charlamange stated that the black community feels like Democrats have kept no promises. Buttigieg responded with “…really?” as if he doubted the statement or was, as mentioned earlier, taken aback. The Transportation Secretary then almost immediately says he understands why many in the black community feel this way because the “work” isn’t done. This sounds like nothing else other than political speak from a man who was completely surprised at the notion that it was foreign just a few seconds before acknowledging the problem and the source of said problem.

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Buttigieg shocked by Charlamagne Tha God’s claim Dems haven’t ‘kept promises’ to black Americans | Daily Mail Online

Pete Buttigieg stunned during interview with Charlemagne Tha God

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