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Self-Proclaimed Mathematician Student Challenges Ben Shapiro On Gender After College Speech

Ben Shapiro recently gave a speech at UNC Greensboro about the hot button issue of gender identity. Shapiro is a well-known voice in the conservative movement who has had his share of “controversial” moments. Simply reciting basic known facts about biology should not be cause for concern but unfortunately, that is the case in today’s day and age. A young man from the crowd decided to get up and challenge Shapiro on his ideas surrounding gender. The “conversation” then went off the rails when the person challenged Shapiro’s masculinity. And, of course, race was brought into the mix for some reason. Please watch the full clip below and the entire lecture is available in the “sources” section below.


Men cannot become women | Ben Shapiro LIVE at UNC Greensboro – YouTube

Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter: “If this kid is really a mathematician and a physicist then America’s future is not in good hands.” / Twitter

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  1. Not only do they fill the diversity quota’s and talent be damned, but they pump them up with alot of hubris….

    That comment about his wife reminded me of the movie “Idiocracy”….That is the type of thing someone with an 80-85 IQ would blurt out and think it was funny.

    I have NO DOUBT he only got those degree’s because of Liberal diversity quota’s and not ability!

  2. ^^Agreed. This beyond tired delusional appeasing and emboldening Buffalo Soldier hypocritical diversified stupidity for-profit propagation of anti-straight-white-male hate has gone too far. America has become a cesspool of ignorance, greed and violence. A lost cause. Thanks to clueless deviant opportunistic “victim” snowflake dimwits such as this one, we’re now the laughing stock embarrassment of the world today. USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five! Get’n mine! YES! 😐

  3. Don’t kid yourselves, this punk is probably a freshman in physics with a math minor or double major and “thinks” that makes him a bonafide physicist and mathematician. He’s obviously an idiot and I highly doubt an actual graduate

  4. Anyone who has to list his “credentials” to back a statement is most likely a person who lacks the ability to express himself/herself. Specially if you have to call someone ‘Bro.’ I hope more black kids go into math and physics, that would be great, but this little clown sure lacks some brains if he thinks a man can become a woman.


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