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Piers Morgan Speaks To TikTok Menace “Mizzy” In Dumpster Fire Interview

Piers Morgan recently spoke to UK TikTok menace “Mizzy” in what can only be described as a “dumpster fire” of an interview. Mizzy, also known as Bacari-Bronze, O’Garro, has become infamous online due to his ridiculous “pranks” that have annoyed millions of people. Piers attempted to get down to the bottom of why Mizzy does these stunts, to no avail. All that the young man said is that he is living life freely and he does whatever he wants. He also said that it is not his fault that the laws in the United Kingdom are weak.

One of his most famous stunts was when he decided, with a group of friends, to randomly enter someone’s home. This was done during the daytime and the person’s front door was open. And, of course, he frightened the children and everyone inside. He apologized to the mother in the home for doing that, but there was no real penalty beyond a court fine.

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Mizzy also snatched an elderly woman’s dog and ran away with it, pretending to steal it. Another one of his “pranks” was when he attempted to jump over an Orthodox Jewish man “on beat” with a song. His failed attempt at jumping over the man was something he did to participate in a TikTok challenge. Social media pranksters have become sort of a plague in society, and Mizzy might be one of the worst. He is universally hated by a large majority of people.


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