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Pool Hall In Hiram, Georgia Accused Of Racism In Viral TikTok Video

A black woman recorded herself in a Hiram, Georgia pool hall & bar and then uploaded the incident to TikTok with a caption alleging racism. The context behind the video isn’t quite clear. Some say that the woman was upset at the bartender for turning the music on the jukebox up too loud. The video in question cuts in with the woman recording arguing with the bartender and random patrons. She appears to be the only black person there.

One of the patrons told her to get out and she refused. Another patron chimes in and asks “why are you in a white place like this”? She responds by saying this pool hall is the only one in the vicinity. Earlier in the video, she says she always attends the pool hall. If there was an allegation of racism to make for the bar itself, then that doesn’t make sense considering she has been there numerous times before without incident.

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The person who asked the “white place” question is a self-identified racist. However, the question he asked was valid if the racist element of it can be compartmentalized and ignored. She was probably in Hiram, which is 45 minutes from Midtown Atlanta because it is much safer and quieter than Midtown, Buckhead, and Downtown. The problem is that she brought some of the same culture and attitude that exists in Atlanta to Hiram. People want to have it both ways sometimes. They want the peace and serenity of a small town but they want to behave as if they are in a big city.


BallerAlert on Twitter: “White’s Only: A black woman went to Hiram Bar and Grill in Georgia and was told she was in “a white place”” / Twitter

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  1. Couldnt agree with you more ABL. These people want it both ways and clearly this “lady” enjoys being the center of attention (ie the token nigger). Atlanta is cesspool central of America today. NYC, Chicago etc etc its the same story. Ghetto trash going to the suburbs and “shocked” people wont put up with their antics.

    *News flash to urban ghetto trash black people, you are the teeny tiny minority of America. The majority of us are sick and tired of your double standard anti-white racist bullshit and we’re not going to put up with it anymore. You wanna be treated like a human being? Then start acting like one.

  2. the difference between rural whites and urban blacks right here in plain view. whites dont hide where they stand like little bitches such as this bitch and this inner city fag “mother fucking mook” muffin.

  3. Yes, they were being racist, because they were acting like they were superior to her because they are white.

    To answer your question I can’t be around hood rat or trailer park trash, we have nothing in common.

    Also, yes, I am very familiar with people leaving the inner city hoods to move out to the burbs, unfortunately, sometimes they forget to leave that foolishness back where they came from, then it becomes a problem.


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