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Don Lemon Suggests UK Pay For Reparations, Gets A History Lesson

Don Lemon suggested that the United Kingdom pay reparations for slavery during his primetime CNN show and possibly wound up regretting it. The context of the question is the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II. There is a tremendous estate bestowed to King Charles III worth about one million dollars. Prince William will most likely take control of this estate. Many say that the United Kingdom possess wealth that should not belong to them due to the slave trade.

Don Lemon asked Royal Commentator and business consultant Hilary Fordwich if the United Kingdom should pay reparations for slavery and began to rattle off certain numbers. Fordwich said that if reparations were to be paid then it is important to go to the beginning of the supply chain. This would place a lot of responsibility on African leaders who sold other Africans to Europeans in the slave trade.

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Daily Caller on Twitter: “🚨Don Lemon Demotion Watch🚨 Don Lemon gets schooled on reparations by English scholar: “Which was the first nation in the world that abolished slavery?”″ / Twitter

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  1. These people are delusional. Yet another Black American cash grab attempting to spread the hypocrisy to other nations. What about black “Buffalo Soldiers” paying reparations to Native Americans for their role in the “convert or exterminate” mandates that murdered millions of natives, displacing and enslaving the rest? Or how about African tribes for their roles in starting and profiting from the slave trade?

  2. This brings up another point that most Americans, especially blacks, either don’t know about or refuse to acknowledge, slavery was already banned in America in the late 1700’s not long after becoming a country. The proof is as clear as day in the waterway laws enacted at the time. Educate yourself before you speak on such matters.

    As Paul already pointed out, there are many other historical factors being completely ignored. Why aren’t these historical facts being taught in schools today? The reason no one talks about these facts is because racism in America is an extremely lucrative business. Entire industries are built around this fictious anti white/pro black racism concept. Not to mention the millions of people who blindly follow these completely fabricated concepts and ideologies.

    You’ll be hard pressed to find any wealthy powerful black person today who’s fortune isn’t derived from it. You’ll also be hard pressed to find any white folks who have ancestral ties to slavery or racism, in fact most will have ancestors who died fighting against slavery and racism. But when it comes to black people and the trillions of dollars annually at stake, truth, facts, history, it all goes right out the proverbial window.

    Unfortunately, for some of us, this isn’t going to end any other way than badly (yes, I am talking about uneducated gutter scum like you @TheMuffinman). Welcome to America!


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