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Portland Shooter, ANTIFA Supporter Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead By Feds!

Michael Reinoehl, the suspected ANTIFA member and shooter of Patriot Prayer member Aaron “Jay” Danielson, was shot dead by federal agents in Portland during an attempted arrest. Law enforcement zeroed in on the location of the 48-year-old “protester” just mere hours after he did an interview with VICE News. The interview was conducted after he shot Mr. Danielson and in that interview, he explained why he did it.

The VICE News interview was surreal. It as all of twelve minutes, but more than half of the total time was taken up by ANTIFA apologists over at VICE explaining the context of the interview and of the situation in Portland that led up to the shooting of Aaron “Jay” Danielson. None of the violence happening in Portland has been attributed to “far-right” groups, but VICE mentioned the far-right over and over again as a pretext for the shooting.

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More Spin Than Earth Itself

Charlottesville, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Boys, and Patriot Prayer were just some of the buzz words mentioned during the piece. VICE blamed them for the violence in Portland. Which makes no sense because Portland has been under siege for nearly 100 straight days and the right hasn’t been there much at all. With the exception of the recent Trump “truck rally.” When referring to ANTIFA, VICE made a clear point to say “anti-fascist” in an effort to paint them as benevolent and also to not repeat the sullied ANTIFA acronym.

Reinoehl described himself as “one hundred percent anti-fascist” but not a member of ANTIFA. As if there is a difference. VICE said that Reinoehl “all but confessed” to the shooting, but the interview was very clear. Reinoehl did confess to the shooting. He said that his “friend of color” was going to be stabbed by Jay Danielson so he decided to act. Reinoehl described the shooting as purely self-defense and not his fault.

VICE To The Rescue?

Federal agents were able to locate Reinoehl shortly after he interviewed with VICE. News from the ground in Portland says that they had been waiting on him “all day” and he showed up brandishing a long rifle. Thirty to forty rounds of gunfire were exchanged in the direction of law enforcement when they attempted to apprehend him. Michael Reinoehl lost that gunfight and is now dead.

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The media find themselves in a predicament. If they do not cover the story of Michael Reinoehl, who by the way was already a violent criminal with warrants, with the same vim and vigor that they covered an innocent man in Kyle Rittenhouse, then their bias will be fully unmasked.

Bias Litmus Test

Rittenhouse has been depicted as a vigilante who crossed state lines with illegal firearms looking for Black Lives Matter supporters to kill. When in reality, the video shows him running away from conflict and shooting when he had no other choice. Michael Reinoehl expressed his disdain for Trump supporters on television after he shot and killed a man with no evidence of the case being self-defense. Then he got into a shootout with the police when they were attempting to arrest him.

At this point, it’s pretty clear who’s side the mainstream media are on. And it’s not with regular, law-abiding citizens. It’s with those who will enforce their political goals. This is no different than what the Democratic party has been doing throughout history. Aligning with violent groups who are tasked with the job of enforcing leftist political ideology.

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