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Yet ANOTHER White Woman Exposed For Pretending To Be Black!

A white woman by the name of Jessica Krug wrote an apology letter on Medium for pretending to be black for the majority of her adult life. It’s not clear what made her come to the light and confess her “sins” … but she did. Her story is nearly viral as of Thursday, September 3rd, 2020. Krug is (among other things) an associate professor at George Washington University teaching History and “Africana” Studies. No surprise there.

This story is nearly a carbon copy of Rachel Dolezal, the now-infamous white woman who was exposed for not being black a few years back. The key difference with Jessica Krug is that she jumped out in front of it before the world found out. A key question that anyone from the outside looking in would have is very obvious. How did no one know that this woman is white? Is the “ethnic” hair and clothing enough to fool people? Apparently so.

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Jessica, like Dolezal and Shaun King, had adopted an entirely “black” lifestyle. At least… a lifestyle that she thinks being “black” is all about. Krug once identified herself as an “unrepentant and unrefined” child of the hood. What does that mean? It probably refers to whatever stereotypical view that Jessica Krug assigns to black people. No different from the garden-variety white supremacist.

Compare and Contrast

White supremacists and crazy far-left liberals are the same. They have the same views. Both view themselves as superior to the inferior non-whites. Both think that without them, non-whites cannot exist. They are the parents and non-whites are the children. The key (and possibly, only) difference between general liberal Africana Arts-teaching white liberals and the unabashed white supremacist is how they feel about their views towards themselves and non-whites. Far-left liberals feel bad while the white supremacist feels good.

When a far-leftist becomes radicalized violently, then they become ANTIFA. At that point, any differences between the white supremacist and themselves pretty much just goes away.

Kill the Argument

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The idea of “white privilege” is a really hot button issue in Western Society as of yet, especially in the United States of America. That concept is becoming less of a “thing” when there are constant examples of legitimate white people succeeding in life as black people. This includes a Jewish lady from Kansas named Jessica. In America, the name of the game as hard work and dedication. A person can be whatever they want in this country, including an entirely different race of humans, apparently.


The Truth, and the Anti-Black Violence of My Lies | by Jessica A. Krug | Sep, 2020 | Medium

African historian Jessica Krug admits she’s lied about being black

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  1. If she says she is black she is black. Isn’t that the same as a man with penis saying he is a woman?
    They are what they say they are.


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