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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Oprah Interview Was Ridiculous

Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, did an interview with Oprah Winfrey that came off as a miniature tell-all soaked in entitlement and a woe-is-me narrative. The interview was highly anticipated due to the ex-royal couple’s departure from the Crown and into the Los Angeles, California lifestyle. Many would argue that all of the events happening right now with Harry and Meghan are totally predictable and have been so since they were married.

Just for further context, Prince Harry is the son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles, who is next in line to become King if his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passes away. Harry probably won’t be King because his brother William and William’s children are ahead of him. The case of the Royal Family in the United Kingdom is one that a large community of people follow like a hawk in the distant sky. Others don’t care at all, especially those in countries that don’t normally pay attention to UK politics, the United States being one of them.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sort of barged their way into the consciousness of Americans. When they initially left the United Kingdom to live in Canada to do “split time” between Canada and UK, they threw an insult at the US President at the time, Donald Trump. Had this been another President like Joe Biden, it would have caused an international incident. Their refusal to come to the United States until Trump was gone simply got a lot of American attention, and not in a positive way.

When Harry and Meghan began to make their presence known in the Los Angeles scene, they came off as desperate and Harry came off as weak. A videotape surfaced showing Harry and Meghan at a party with industry big wigs including Jay-Z, Beyonce, and the then CEO of Disney, Bob Iger. Harry can be heard (and seen) asking Bob Iger if Meghan could get some voiceover work. Iger appeared to be stunned because a British Royal, who has their extravagant lifestyle paid for by UK taxpayers, would not need to try and hustle in Hollywood like a common person has to. This was an embarrassing moment.

Meghan Markle was an actress before she met Harry with an extensive, albeit low-profile career that can be seen on IMDB. When rumors of her disobedience and refusal to carry out her royal duties as the wife of a royal began to surface, the next logical step would be to assume that she wanted to resume her acting career… but to take it to the next level since she is now a royal with a royal baby. Markle’s behavior is not uncommon and it is referred to as “social climbing”. A social climber makes moves romantically and business-wise to simply climb the food chain and become as successful as possible.

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During the Oprah interview, Markle exposed quiet a few things that hadn’t been publicly said before, the main thing was accusing the Crown of racism. A question about the color of Harry and Meghan’s baby’s skin surfaced because she is part black. Then there was the media who were outright racist toward her because the media are terrible, especially in the United Kingdom. It is correct to criticize the media for racism, but Meghan didn’t present much to accuse the Crown of it. Meghan spoke about her struggle with mental health and suicidal thoughts and how the Crown did not help her in the way she intended. Again she was vague with what the Crown specifically did that was egregious. She appeared to be throwing out pounds of red meat for the Royal Watchers to eat up.

The interview was mostly about Meghan being victimized by the Crown. Prince Harry came in after the interview had been going on for a while and echoed some of Meghan’s same sentiment. One interesting question Oprah asked Harry is if Meghan saved him. Meaning, did Meghan save Harry from the heavy burden that is the crown? He appeared to agree with her question. Harry may not have wanted to be part of the crown after a while as well. In any case, Prince Harry needed to show strength and handle the situation as best as possible to prevent embarrassment for himself, his wife, his baby, and the Crown. He simply did not do that.


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