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Urban Dictionary REMOVED “Blue Anon” From Its Website Without Explanation

The online informal dictionary called Urban Dictionary recently removed the term Blue Anon from its website. Blue Anon is a term used to describe left-wing political conspiracy theorists who aren’t much different from the heavily-covered Q Anon who are seen as right-wing conspiracy theorists. Although Blue Anon is not necessarily an official “group”, it is a term heavily used in online spaces. So it makes sense for Blue Anon to have a home on Urban Dictionary because that website is where informal words are defined, with the held of an upvote/downvote system.

One could possibly make the argument that Blue Anon is too politically charged and Urban Dictionary wants to shy away from politics. If that’s the case, there shouldn’t be terms like Q Anon or MAGAT on Urban Dictionary, but they are. Speaking of offensive terms like MAGAT, there are also very offensive terms on Urban Dictionary with a variety of equally offensive definitions. The N-word, the C-word, the R-word, the F-word, and pretty much any other single-letter referenced “bad” word can be found on Urban Dictionary. So why was Blue Anon removed from UD? Probably for the same reason why Google allegedly censored the term on their search engines.

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An observation from events like the banning of certain popular terms from search engines and websites is that this is happening because of political bias. And to be specific, this is left-wing political bias. The term Q Anon is not banned at all on Google or on Urban Dictionary. So why would the term Blue Anon be banned? After all, these terms are both used a lot and not everyone knows what they mean. So rather than banning the terms, offer up an explanation. Urban Dictionary is great in terms of crowd participation, so if a term finds its way into their website with an incorrect definition, the ratio of upvotes to downvotes usually tells the true story. There are also other definitions of the same word. It is (or at least was) a great tool for research on informal language.

As of about 12 noon Eastern time on Monday, March 8th, 2021, Urban Dictionary allowed the term Blue Anon back with the same definition that it had before, uploaded by a different account. That could change at any point and there are other words that may see the fate of the original post. Unfortunately, the woke mob seems to be attacking every area of normal life. From language to fashion to music to movies to politics. Cartoon characters appear to be next on the chopping block, only to be replaced with much more “problematic” characters. Out with the norm, in with the weird.


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