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Pro Footballer Zlatan Tells LeBron James To Stick To Sports

World-famous footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović recently told athletes like LeBron James to avoid mixing politics and sports. The A.C. Milan striker said that people like himself should “stick to what they’re good at” rather than dipping their toe in the political water while still paying their respective game. Zlatan’s comments come on the heels of the NBA’s “bubble” season in Orlando where there was so much “Black Lives Matter” paraphernalia on the basketball court that it appeared as if BLM were an NBA sponsor.

Lebron James, of course, disagreed with Zlatan’s point of view. The 17-year pro basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers said that he will “never stop talking about what’s wrong.” James added that he is “very educated” about the things that he speaks on. Zlatan’s past comments from 2018 about feeling ethnic racism due to his “Ibrahimovic” last name in his native Malmo, Sweden were also brought up by LeBron. The back-and-forth between the athletes is reminiscent of Laura Ingraham’s past “shut up and dribble” comments to the Lakers’ future-hall-of-fame forward.

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