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#BankruptGoya, #BoycottHyatt Emerge Amid CPAC 2021

We hope that one day the cancel culture engine will finally break down. Until then, calls to boycott organizations are rolling full speed ahead.

CPAC 2021 wouldn’t have been a heavy-hitting event without some left-wing haters. Now #BankruptGoya is trending after Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue expressed his support for President Donald Trump during the annual conservative conference held in Orlando, Florida.

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We remember what happened the last time Goya Foods was in the crossfire of cancel culture. In 2020, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was named “Employee of the Year” because her call to boycott the brand resulted in record sales. Talk about a corporate clap back. Perhaps this is one way to stimulate the economy?

Hyatt Hotels, another company thrown under the cancel culture caboose, had a clap back of their own after critics claim the hotel chain “condemns ‘abhorrent’ hate symbols” after images surface of the CPAC 2021 stage design at its Hyatt Regency Orlando location. Some socialites claimed the stage looks like an “Odal Rune.” Those of us on the side of sanity say this claim is reaching at best. Once again, left-wingers are the chicken littles of society, making mountains out of the molehills they created.

Hyatt had a clapback of their own, alluding to their commitment to operate “a highly inclusive environment.” It’s like giving them a taste of their own medicine. Because if we are truly inclusive, then we must acknowledge the diversity of ideas by default. Otherwise, we are just a bag of different color candies that are all the exact same flavor.

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What the left should learn from this is that corporations are past tired of these failed attempts to boycott their brands. Also, if cancel culture is allowed to flourish then one day they, too, will have their ideas policed by the masses.


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