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FDA, CDC Recommend “Pause” Of Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Due To Blood Clot Risk

The FDA and CDC both recommend a nationwide pause of the Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine nationwide after six reported cases of potentially deadly blood clots. This news comes on the heels of four states, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, and Iowa all pausing the distribution of the J&J shots. There have been 6.8 million J&J vaccines administered to Americans thus far. Moderna and Pfizer both have the overwhelming majority of vaccinations, totaling around 150 million. When put into the context of the overall amount of vaccines distributed to Americans, the Johnson & Johnson issue may appear to be small, but there is a much deeper issue here.

The media are trying to downplay the risks of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. While there may only be six reported cases of blood clots out of the 6.8 million vaccinations, that does not tell the full story. One vaccination site in Forsyth County, Georgia shut down due to a dozen people out of over 400 who became ill immediately after getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Many of the vaccinated, mostly women, experienced dizziness, high fever, extreme pain at the site of injection, and more. One recently vaccinated woman in Forsyth County appeared on local television and told her story of becoming sick right next to a woman who was carried out on a stretcher.

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15 million doses of the J&J vaccine had to be destroyed at the end of March 2021 due to human error at a facility in Baltimore. Employees at the facility in question improperly mixed ingredients to the vaccine early in the production phase, so none of these “tainted” vaccines ever made it out into the public. An obvious question here is… since millions of vaccines were corrupted and caught before they made it out into the wild, how many other vaccines slipped through the cracks in their corrupted state? The vaccine has many more issues with it than just “six cases of blood clots”.

Johnson and Johnson have been in the eye of the storm of controversy for years now. The most notable situation that they have been involved with is the talcum powder lawsuit. Johnson and Johnson’s “Baby Powder” product was found to be “carcinogenic” (potentially cancer-causing) back in 2006 due to the asbestos fibers found within the talcum powder component. African-American and overweight women in the south have traditionally been J&J Baby Powder’s biggest consumers due to their use of it as an antiperspirant in parts of their body aside from their underarms. Many of these women caught ovarian cancer and a class-action lawsuit came as a result. The most recent action, in that case, came in December of 2020 where J&J was preparing $3.2 billion in settlement payments.


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