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Project Veritas Exposes Toxic Corporate Culture At ESPN

Project Veritas is back in the news due to exposing another company’s inner workings. This time they are focused on ESPN. At one point in fairly recent history, ESPN was seen as the king of sports television. They had the best hosts, the best shows, the best everything when it came to sports. It was the equivalent to the once-great CNN but for sports only. Fast forward from the glory days of Stuart Scott (RIP) to current-day 2020… things have changed. And those changes have not been for the better. The place that was once the default for all things sports has become no different than any other left-wing dominated news network.

A great example of how far ESPN has fallen is long-time ESPN contributor J.A. Adande. He compared the Uyghur camps in China to voter identification laws in Georgia that supposedly harm black people. Adande made this comparison on air at ESPN. The comparison is obviously ridiculous for a normal person to make. But ESPN anchors do this type of thing often. Race and leftist politics (same thing) have become intertwined with the culture at ESPN and also at ABC. All of the woke, weird corporate culture’s structure descends down from Disney which is now the parent company of both ESPN and ABC. Before the Disney days, ESPN wasn’t quite like this.

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The finished product ESPN producers that viewers get to witness on their viewing devices has not increased in quality. The woke narrative is not popular among sports viewers who are typically conservative. The only reason why ESPN is afloat is because of all of their television contracts and stranglehold on the sports market. Fox Sports 1 is fairly new and there isn’t much competition outside of ESPN and FS1. The Bristol, Connecticut-based network essentially has a monopoly so they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. And they are generally correct.

Employees typically do not like toxic working environments. ESPN has definitely become just that. They try to “lean into” causes like Black Lives Matter. This presents an image of being politically correct and sensitive to racial issues to the outside world of mainstream media and investors. The problem is that working conditions on the ground are totally different than what they espouse.

So the issue becomes disillusioned liberals who aren’t getting their Shangri-la and also regular “normie” white employees who are being openly discriminated against with no consequence. Racism is tolerated but at the same time, racism is not mandated. Neither side of the coin wins. So the end result is a hostile and toxic work environment that produces a poor product. Anyone with a pair of eyes could have seen this without Project Veritas doing their expose. But now we have clear proof of what’s happening to silence any doubters.

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  1. A. “BLM” Buffalo Soldier hypocrites are not immune to accountability. Period. End Of.

    B. Claiming human rights issues against China is not only hypocritical, but factually incorrect. The extremist terrorists groups and supporters in the Xinjiang region who brutally attacked and slaughtered thousands of Han Chinese citizens in the streets, men women children elderly babies you name it, going about their daily business, not only in Xinjiang but precisely coordinated and executed in multiple cities around the country, were rounded up and thrown into prison, made to work to pay for their room and board and reparations to victims families. The difference between USA and China is that the govt protects its innocent citizens and swiftly and harshly punishes those who harm them. Want proof? There are hours of videos on Youtube showing the attackers wielding machetes, axes, bats, pipes, sticks and subsequently thousands of dead Han Chinese bodies left in the streets. Bus and train station murderous attacks around China, again videos are there for your viewing.

    So what would happen in the USA if one specific state and/or religious group planned and executed such brutal attacks within our country? Oh wait.. we already know the answer to this question as its happened over and over and over and over again and is still happening today in real time. Hypocrites and an absurd tax funded “justice” system that babies non-white criminals. How ironic.

  2. Not really a sports fan, so from the outside looking in, sports is nothing but racism, disrespecting America, big money, big corporate sponsors, advertising, vaccine contention, violent felons, and men destroying womens’ sports. No thanks.

  3. Selling out?! LOL… clearly you’ve never been there and haven’t a clue what you’re blathering on about. Please.

    What with the state of 21st century USA, we not only could, but SHOULD be learning a lot from China’s example in dealing with violent criminals and domestic terrorists (e.g., BLM, violent religious extremists, violent racists). Screw sociopolitical ideology, get back to basics. If we made criminals pay for their incarceration and victims losses by work and asset seizure, such crimes as murder, rape, pedophilia, armed robbery, drug dealing, counterfeiting and a few others capital offenses, coupled with truly speedy trials, appeals and punishment processes (i.e., within a year or two most, not 10-30 years to complete a case and carry out “justice” on the tax payers dime, things would drastically change post haste for the better of society. As is, we’re fast becoming the laughing stock cesspool of the world.


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