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Singer Adele Slammed As “TERF” For BRIT Awards Comment

World-famous singer Adele sent a ripple throughout the woke internet by proclaiming how much she loves being a woman at the BRIT Awards. Her brief speech after winning “Artist Of The Year” comes on the heels of that particular award being changed from what it was. British Singer Sam Smith recently came out as “non-binary”. Smith says that he is neither male or female. As a result of Smith’s announcement, he was left out of “gendered” categories altogether back in 2021. The BRIT Awards decided to reverse course on this action and simply remove gendered categories so people who may not identify as either gender could feel included.

Before the Sam Smith controversy, the BRIT Awards had awards for Male Artist of the Year and Female Artist of the Year. The award is now just “Artist of the Year”. This means what was once two awards have become one. Adele acknowledged the elephant in the room after winning the most prestigious BRIT Award. She then went on to say that she enjoys being a female artist and a woman in general. This comment was met by a roaring applause from the audience. The reaction by some random corners of the internet, however, is a little bit different.

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Adele has been labeled as a TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) over her brief statement. Others have been put into the same boat for similar although different statements. “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling has also faced backlash over this new “woke” issue of gender confusion. Adele has surely seen the hatred and vitriol that her countrymate JK Rowling has faced.

The BRIT Award comment was probably intentionally made to stand up for women across the world. Someone of Adele’s fame is on the same level as a Joe Rogan. It doesn’t matter how much heckling they get from a small section of society. The peanut gallery. They are essentially cancel-proof. More people like that need to stand up and fight for what’s right… or else the west will be in deeper trouble than it is now.


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  1. Hello from New Zealand, Anthony.

    Just commenting to let you know about a typo in this article, where you called Rowling the Author of Lotr’s. That was written by tolkien, it was the Harry Potter series that J.k Rowling authored.

  2. So, one award for best artist? They’ll have to be careful not to pick too many in a row of any one category, so basically it won’t be about who’s best, it’ll be about which identity group’s turn it is to win. It’s a joke, and not a very funny one.

  3. I mean, J K Rowling really is a TERF. By definition: a trans-excusive radical feminist. So her hate and cancelation (many people have refused to support HP or her detective series since the J K thing) were valid.

    On the other hand Adele was clearly not a TERF, and I don’t understand the hate for her in this siduation.

    The idea to combine the two was a bit strange instead of just have non-bianary awards or something but it could be they did have enough big names. Idk I guess it’s a good idea in the long run and as long as the wild crowd and qanon keep their hands off it should be fine.


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