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Reopen The Country Now!

It is most certainly past time to open the country for business again. Since mid-March, states and/or cities around the nation have gone above and beyond the call of duty to enact policies to keep citizens safe from contracting the China Virus. Attempts to “slow the spread” are noble. To say that is a given and pretty much understood. BUT… there are obvious “unintended” consequences that are now happening as a result.

Unemployment has shot through the roof and is approaching Great Depression levels with between 3 and 6 million people filing for benefits WEEKLY. Not because there are no jobs. Not because of a natural disaster. Not because of anything outside of human beings’ control. The despair people are falling into now is a direct result of government intervention.

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A recommendation to stay a safe distance away from people to “slow the spread” known as “social distancing” has transformed into mandatory curfews, mandatory self-isolation quarantine, the inability to go to church, school, limits on the types of groceries you can purchase, and more. There are even talks of mandatory vaccines and health cards being floated around.

What started as measures to keep Americans safe have now turned into measures that keep Americans as prisoners in their own homes.

To make matters worse, natural disasters are still possible. Flooding and tornadoes have happened since the stay at home order started back in mid-March. If a person loses their home to an F3 tornado (as was the case in Tennessee on Easter Sunday night) how are they going to get supplies and hot meals when those places were already bogged down by new regulations or closed altogether due to slow business?

Enough is enough and it’s time for the madness surrounding the virus to come to an end.

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