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Resurfaced “Woke” Logan Paul Speech On Race Goes Viral

YouTube star and semi-professional boxer Logan Paul delivered a speech last year about race on his “Impaulsive” podcast. Both Jake and Logan Paul have been in the news quite a bit over the past couple of years or so for a variety of reasons. Logan Paul recently fought Floyd Mayweather in an “exhibition” boxing match that ended in a draw. Jake Paul famously knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson during an exhibition fight back in November of 2020. Both Paul brothers started off as popular YouTubers, as they remain. Logan Paul thinks that they, as white people, should use their privilege and power to make changes in society.

There are quite a few things wrong with Logan Paul’s two-minute rant on race in America. The first thing is that Logan assumes the position of authority because he is white. His mindset tells him that he is able to “get away” with misbehaving more than nonwhites are. He then says that it is up to whites to use this privilege to uplift the rest of society. Logan Paul’s comments sound like they come directly from well-known racist white apologist Robin DiAngelo’s books. It sounds like Logan has been effectively brainwashed into thinking that his racist ideology is actually altruistic and good for “people of color”. He is incorrect on every level… with the exception of being able to get away with certain things.

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Logan Paul is clearly a leftist by judging the words he uses to express himself. he mentioned attending a protest and wanting to be out on the front lines because whites like himself will get punished less for their crimes. He is right and wrong. Protests turned riots engulfed large parts of the nation throughout the second half of 2020 after George Floyd died in Minneapolis. There have been up to 600 such riots attributed to leftist causes of racial equality and justice. Most of the rioters, many of whom shouted “Black Lives Matter”, are white. Maybe as many as 80% of them are. Not many people have served jail or prison time for violent actions that have taken place during these riots. One could take that information and conclude that these people did not serve much time in jail or prison because they are mostly white.

If the previous assertion is correct, then how does one explain the nearly 600 people arrested for being involved with the January 6th riot? That one riot was far less damaging than the 600 or so BLM riots. The overwhelming majority of the people involved with the January 6th incident are white. Yet, there are countless people in jail with no light at the end of the tunnel for simply being inside the Capitol when they were not supposed to be. Where does white privilege come into play in this situation?

The truth is that people of all races are able to “get away” with certain things because of political reasons. The cause of Black Lives Matter is supported by many of the liberal politicians who operate in the areas where these riots happen. Federal lawmakers and mega-corporations like Nike, the NBA, and Microsoft have also pledged their support to “racial justice” causes. Even doctors who recommended mask-wearing and lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus give exceptions to large-scale riots because they label racial justice a public health issue.

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Either Logan Paul does not understand the current landscape of politics in the United States or he is simply a liar. The former is the most likely scenario. Paul will be severely disappointed when the people who are using him (and others just like him) have no more use for his kind. “Activists” like Logan Paul will be swiftly disposed of so the next phase of their plan to dominate the country from a social and political standpoint can press forward. This has happened time and time again throughout the course of history. So the next time it takes place should not be a surprise to anyone.


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