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RFK Jr Labeled Anti-Semitic By Leftists And Mainstream Media Over COVID Video

RFK Jr. (Robert Franklin Kennedy, Jr.) has been labeled as a racist and anti-semitic over comments he made in a leaked video referencing the virus. The Democratic Presidential candidate spoke about a peer-reviewed study that states that the virus affects certain ethnic and racial groups of people differently. He mentioned that Caucasians and blacks were hit harder than Azkhenazi Jews and Chinese.

This statement was not a matter of opinion, it was something that he simply read in a study that is available on a US Government website. Nonetheless, the media attacked him as an anti-semite for simply reading a study. Democrats organized an anti-RFK Jr. letter, condemning him over concerns of anti-semitism.

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RFK Jr. defended himself against the aforementioned allegations during a House hearing about social media and Government censorship. He stated that Government censorship is an obvious precursor to dystopia and tyranny. The timing of the Democrats’ letter against him was uncanny considering the subject matter of the hearing. Democrats engaged in an effort to silence RFK Jr.’s voice because he is a viable threat to Joe Biden in 2024.


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Jon Levine on Twitter: “VIDEO: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims coronavirus was an “ethnically targeted” bioweapon designed to be more deadly for caucasians and blacks — and spare Jews and Chinese” / Twitter

Michael Battams on Twitter: “@LevineJonathan RFK Jr never said it was designed to “spare jews”. He stated facts about susceptibility to Covid for different ethnicities that he had read in a 2021 study. He also said we don’t know if it was deliberately targeted. That study is here:” / Twitter

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