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Trump Classified Documents Court Case Set During 2024 Primary Season

The judge in the Donald Trump classified documents case has set the trial date for May 20th, 2024. This date just so happens to be directly in the middle of the 2024 Primary season. Super Tuesday happens in March and other states have primaries directly after Trump’s May 2024 court date. There is a tremendous debate over this date. Some question the loyalties or lack thereof of the Trump-appointed judge. Some people would like the court date moved up so there is a potential for conviction and imprisonment before the election.

There are others, including Trump’s own team, who want the date pushed back after the election. The May 2024 date sort of splits the difference. Trump’s team can get creative with motion filing and other procedures to push the date back. In any event, this date will create complications with the GOP’s presumptive nominee. Trump will be compelled to sit in court on various dates that are not yet known. The general public will question whether or not Trump will spend time behind bars. This will influence their decision on and before election day.

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