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Man Goes Ballistic Over Missing Pension In Viral Video

A viral video taking social media by storm features a man going ballistic over his pension being taken away after at least 30 years on the job. The man, clearly in a state of distress, was expressing how it is ridiculous that after such a long time at one place of employment, his pension is simply not there. One person in the background can be heard trying to console the man and offer an explanation. Before the short video cuts off, the man in the background begins to mention Government bailouts. In the case of a Government bailout, pension funds are often taken away and/or not guaranteed.

This video comes on the heels of trucking giant “Yellow” failing to make a pension payment. The Teamsters Union is threatening a boycott of Yellow if the issue is not resolved in a very short period of time. Such a strike could have a ripple effect throughout the entire US economy almost instantly.

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