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Rick Santelli Lock Horns With CNBC Host Over Virus Lockdown

Rick Santelli and CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin got into a heated debate on-air over the issue of virus lockdowns. It all started when Santelli gave his opinion on how the nation can press forward with opening businesses safely during the pandemic. Santelli brought up the fact that big box stores are allowed to remain open with virtually unlimited capacity while small restaurants are forced to close down. Sorkin decided to give his two cents on the issue while apparently not even being a guest on the panel.

Andrew Ross Sorkin said that there is a big difference between opening big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot and restaurants or even churches. Sorkin also said that masks would change the game. Santelli blew up at the idea of big box stores somehow being exempt while small businesses are not. Especially restaurants. Santelli emphatically pointed out the double standards relating to closed restaurants and open big box stores. His point was that if a restaurant with 150 people of 600 capacity cannot open, then why can a big box store with 600 people there at any time stay open? It defies logic.

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Hypocritical is a word that accurately describes much of the virus regulations that have been passed and/or proposed by local officials. A prime example is Austin Mayor Steve Adler who advised his constituents against any kind of non-essential travel. Adler made gave his “no-travel” plea from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And he arrived at that location on a private plane that he rode with eight other family members and friends. Steve Adler is not by himself on the hypocrisy train. There is also California Governor Gavin Newsom, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Baltimore Mayor Muriel Bowser, and a whole host of others have also engaged in virus regulation hypocrisy. They tell their constituency to do one thing while they do something else.


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