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Grandmaster Jay of NFAC Arrested By FBI, Faces 20 Years!

Leader of the NFAC militia, Grandmaster Jay, faces 20 years in federal prison for pointing his AR15 rifle at Louisville police officers, FBI agents, and secret service agents. Grandmaster Jay, also known as John Johnson, was arrested by the FBI in Ohio and is currently (as of the publishing of this article) being held in a Louisville area jail. Johnson’s lawyer protests against his client’s arrest, saying that Johnson was simply shining a flashlight at the officers and it just so happens that his flashlight is at the end of his rifle.

NFAC (Not F**cking Around Coalition) has been at the center of controversy surrounding their presence at different protests for the past year or so. They made their first big splash at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, proclaiming they were looking for racists and white supremacists. While NFAC is an all-black group, they say have no ties to Black Lives Matter. They resemble more of a militia and they always come fully armed, open carrying rifles wherever they go. Sometimes NFAC’s open carrying goes wrong, though. NFAC has had at least two incidents of accidental discharges at their “protests.”

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Since NFAC may be classified as a “black extremist group” it would make sense to think that Johnson will be pressured to “snitch” on members of his group to lessen his potential 20-year sentence. “The Real Grandmaster Jay” as John Johnson is more widely known as, is 57-years-old. A twenty year sentence could become a life sentence. Rumor has it that Johnson has been at least temporarily released from custody. If that’s true, then that probably means he has cooperated. Either way it goes, Johnson’s arrest may spell doom for the future of the NFAC.


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