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Fact Checkers RUSH To Explain The Fulton County Suitcase Gate

Fulton County, Georgia (Atlanta) is in the center of a controversy over “suitcase gate” which is an allegation of ballot stuffing and potential voter fraud. The situation began in State Farm arena on election night, November 3rd 2020. At around 10:30pm, witnesses allege that Republican poll watchers and other staff were told that counting was done for the day and that it’s time to go home. The room cleared out, however, some people stayed behind. That’s when the funny business allegedly started.

Not everyone left the vote counting room in State Farm Arena after it was announced that counting was done for the day. Some people stayed behind and continued to count votes that were held in containers under tables. They did not leave until after 1am, a full two-and-a-half hours after it was announced that counting was done for the day. State Farm Arena is also the site where a “water pipe” burst and caused vote counting to be delayed on the same day as “suitcase gate.”

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Fact-checkers rushed to explain the “after-hours” vote counting as normal. Their explanation is that while some staff was told that their work was done for the day, not everyone had to leave. “Cutters” as they are called have the job of simply opening the ballots and pre-processing them before they are counted. That process was completed with the ballots placed into containers that people counted afterwards.

If the story from the fact-checkers is true, then why did witnesses provide statements saying that they were told to leave and not just that the “cutters” work was done for the day? The Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, says the video of this incident is troubling and that a signature audit should happen. If the videotape shows normal procedure, then why would the Governor not know about it? Then there is the case of the “water pipe” conveniently bursting on the same day. During the recount in Fulton County several days later, the now-infamous dominion server just so happened to crash.

There are several different questions for and angles to “suitcase gate” that “fact-checkers” have yet to address let alone give conclusive answers for. The objective could be to lower morale of people who question the integrity of the 2020 Presidential election. But nothing is over until it is over. If the Russia collusion story took three years to finalize, surely issues of the election can take at least another month to sort through.

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