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Rihanna Wears “Think While It’s Still Legal Shirt”, Goes Viral

Superstar entertainer Rhianna wore a t-shirt with the phrase “Think While It’s Still Legal” and has caused quite a stir as a result. The shirt is white with blue letters, stars, and a red line in-between “while it’s still” and “legal” which is large at the bottom. The billionaire fashion and music icon was spotted wearing the shirt while leaving a studio in New York City. Rhianna has not given a statement explaining the meaning behind the shirt. However, one can speculate with confidence that there is most certainly a message behind her choice of attire, especially considering the current political atmosphere.


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Rihanna is good friends with fellow entertainer Nicki Minaj. Just a few days ago, Nicki Minaj had her own political “moment” when she decided to ask questions about the virus on Twitter. The whole world stood up and took notice when Nicki Minaj actually got blocked on Twitter after doubling down on her stance of simply questioning the vaccine and the virus. A watershed moment may have happened there. Rihanna could simply be supporting her friend Nicki Minaj. Or, it could be a proverbial “red pill moment”… meaning that she is realizing the nefarious game the political class is playing.

The mindset of some people is that celebrity opinions should be ignored. They think that worshipping people who simply make catchy music or play sports ball well is unhealthy for any society. Maybe there is some truth to that statement. Even if there is, it doesn’t actually matter. What matters the most here is that celebrities like Rihanna do have followings. Millions of people all over the world are influenced by their actions or lack thereof. It simply makes sense for freedom-loving people to stand by a person who steps out on a ledge to make a statement that could be seen as politically conservative. Because if they don’t get that support, then the message is sent that their help is not wanted. And that just makes the culture war much more difficult than it needs to be.


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