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NBA Player Jonathan Isaac Explains Vaccine Hesitancy Perfectly

Orlando Magic NBA player Jonathan Isaac perfectly explained vaccine hesitancy during a recent press conference. The NBA is currently experiencing quite a bit of negative attention due to the 10% of their players refusing to get the shots. Although the NBA does not have a vaccine mandate, there are NBA cities with mandates. If players on these teams do not get the vaccine, they may be forced to sit out at least 50% of their games. Obviously, politics are heavily involved here. There is even talk of an NBA “civil war” against getting vaccinated led by star player Kyrie Irving.

Jonathan Isaac is one of the more vocal NBA players giving detailed reasons why he has refused the shot thus far. His viewpoints make perfect sense. Isaac has antibodies from previous virus infection. Current science says that antibodies from a previous infection are as good or better than the vaccine. He also cites his young age and peak physical condition as a reason why the shot is not something he thinks is necessary. A common argument is framed as “protecting others”. However, as Isaac stated, the vaccine does not prevent transmission. So the reasoning behind vaccine coercion simply does not make a lot of sense to Jonathan Issac or a lot of other NBA players.

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23-year-old Jonathan Isaac is no stranger to controversy. He is one of the only players to refuse to kneel or wear a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt during the 2020 NBA “bubble” games. During the National Anthem, he stood tall and proud with his basketball jersey on instead of doing what all of the other players on both teams were doing. Isaac is also an ordained minister who is open about his strong Christian faith.


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