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New York Governor Will Replace Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers With Foreign Nationals

The recently appointed Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, announced that unvaccinated healthcare workers will be replaced by foreign nationals. Hochul says that temporary visas will be granted to workers from places like the Philippines. She also spoke to the Prime Minister of Ireland who has the same issue. Incoming vaccination mandates are expected to cause large numbers of hospital employees, especially nurses, to quit. Many of these same nurses worked throughout the entire pandemic without vaccination. Reaction from leftist organizations like Black Lives Matter is either absent or so silent that the average person simply has not heard it.

The issue of race is important here because of the demographics of healthcare workers. This is especially an issue in places like New York City. 75% of black Americans between the ages of 18-44 are unvaccinated in NYC. A sizable population of NYC’s nurses is black women. So the vaccine mandate will obviously affect black women at a higher rate than most others. When the Governor of New York essentially dismisses those claims and vows to replace them with foreign nationals, it’s got to sting. If a conservative Republican did a thing like that, it would simply be labeled as racism. Since that is not the case, then this story barely gets a shred of media attention.

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Tucker Carlson often talks about a thing the media call “replacement theory”. What it boils down to is corporate oligarch-type figures attempting to change American society for good. This is done by literally replacing one group of people for another. One set of core ideologies with another. This cycle repeats over and over with different targets until the United States as we once knew it no longer exists. Carlson is often called a bigot and/or racist for his viewpoint on “replacement theory”. Some have even called the man an outright liar. The goings-on of the current administration in the Federal and State Governments appear to support Tucker’s viewpoint. What excuses can the politico-media establishment come up with to shield the public from what is obviously happening before their very eyes?


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