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Rioters In Minneapolis DO NOT CARE About George Floyd

Large groups of “protesters” descended upon Minneapolis after the controversial police-involved death of George Floyd. These so-called “protesters” are actually RIOTERS. Stores like Target and Auto Zone were looted and then burned. Low-income housing that was under construction burned to the ground. A woman in a wheelchair was physically assaulted by several people. Someone even lost their life after a failed attempt at looting a small business.

Riot apologists claim that all of the aforementioned actions are justified. They say that “peaceful protests” do not work and that it’s time for a “revolution.” The reality is that these riots do not accomplish anything. At least… they don’t accomplish anything productive. All those riots do is alert the outside world to never come to these struggling communities. Let alone invest in them. If rioting is the best idea these brainiacs could come up with, then that simply points to how limited their world scope is.

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Crimes Of Opportunity, Not Compassion

Most of the people engaging in riots in Minneapolis (and Los Angeles, for some reason?) have no idea who George Floyd is. They don’t truly care about him. It’s more about opportunists striking while the iron is hot. Since riots are happening and free things from Target are available – such as flat-screen TVs and bedside lamps – then people simply join the melee to obtain said things. Floyd had the reputation of an anti-violence peacemaker. How could anyone think that rioting for him would be a thing that he would want?

The typical shaming scapegoat of “the plight of the poor brown man” appears a lot in leftist think-pieces surrounding this issue. Just going off of what rioters have done, that excuse does not hold water. A low-income housing project was burned to the ground by the same rioters who claim to be fighting for justice. How is denying an impoverished person a place to live any semblance of justice for them? It does not make any sense.

Silly Comparisons

Big-named influencers and celebrities compare the Minneapolis riots to the protests in Michigan over the lockdown orders. They think because the guys had guns and they went into the Capitol building, which is their right, they are the equivalent to rioters. This makes no sense. Everyone has the right to carry a firearm in places where it’s allowed. A person does not have the right to destroy anyone’s personal property without their permission. This is not difficult to understand.

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Riots in Minneapolis are also being compared to Hong Kong protests. Again, not the same thing. Hong Kongers are fighting for sovereignty away from the Chinese Communist Party. The same as the United States fought for independence away from the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1776. Minneapolis looters are fighting to get some alcohol and television sets from Target. And beyond stealing, these people have no plan to go forward.

None of the riots are even necessary. President Donald Trump vowed to send the FBI/DOJ up to Minneapolis to investigate the situation. All four of the officers were fired immediately. If justice is what the “protesters” seek, then they need to address the appropriate channels and be patient. Destroying a poor community in which many of the “protesters” live will simply only make their lives more difficult. It won’t make the case proceed any faster. Nor will it force their desired outcome to become realized.

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