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Robot Dogs, Other High-Tech Tools, Deployed To Fight NYC Crime

Robot dogs, and other high-tech equipment, have been deployed in New York City in an effort to fight crime. The robot dogs were first debuted under Bill de Blasio’s administration but were shelved after concerns from civil rights activists became public. These devices will be used in high-stress and high-danger situations such as bank robberies, bomb threats, and hostage situations.

Recently-elected NYC mayor Eric Adams showed off the NYPD’s new tools in a press conference in which other tools were also displayed. Adams said that the dogs were “taken out of the pound” and put back on the streets. New York will also utilize devices that attach GPS trackers to vehicles involved in crime, such as high-speed chases. Another piece of high-tech NYC will utilize is called the “snitch bot”. These are roundish-shaped robots that will travel around Times Square to monitor things that are happening around it.

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Fighting crime with these tools sounds like a great idea, however, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg needs to be on board. Under Alvin Bragg, serious crimes have risen upwards of 25% in the city.


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