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Netflix Race Swaps Again, This Time With New Cleopatra Series

Netflix has debuted a new series called “Queen Cleopatra” in which Cleopatra is depicted by a black woman. This, obviously, is very controversial because Cleopatra was not black. She was Macedonian of Greek origin. Maybe she could have been some sort of Arab, at best, but not a black woman at all. By all historical accounts, she was a white European woman. Some try to argue this point because she was a queen in Egypt.

For some reason, there are groups of people who think that everyone on the African continent is black or black in history. This is simply false. Egypt is more akin to Saudi Arabia than it is to Nigeria. Nevertheless, these simple facts haven’t stopped the casual race-swapping of historical figures like Cleopatra. There are more egregious cases on platforms like Netflix, including Anne Boleyn being portrayed by an obviously black woman. This is the equivalent of casting Tom Hanks to play Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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