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Ron DeSantis Faces Criticism Over “Blocking” Black History Course

Ron DeSantis and the State of Florida have effectively blocked portions of a Black History College Course. This comes as a result of the state’s “Stop Woke” law which seeks to reduce and/or eliminate indoctrination from schools. Critics of this recent action are attempting to label DeSantis as a “racist”. Their reasoning is simple but fairly inaccurate. First, all of this is happening at the start of Black History Month. Then, they say that DeSantis hates black history and just wants to remove any teaching of it.

Quite the contrary is actually true. Ron DeSantis spoke at a press conference about the issue in further detail aside from statements made by leftist critics. He says that some of the lesson plans found within the AP Black History college course are unnecessary. One of the main issues was with LGBT education. He asked a very simple question about that. “What does LGBT have to do with black history?” This is a great question that can’t truly be answered honestly without revealing the true motive… which is indoctrination.

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