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Salty SJW Panel at MSNBC Calls Thanksgiving ‘Colonizer Christmas’

Despite it being the year 2020, there’s a lot for which to be thankful. Thanksgiving is here, though frustrating as state lawmakers crash parties with COVID-19 restrictions. Could the season get any worse, you ask? Well, the social justice turkeys in an MSNBC panel dubbed the Thanksgiving holiday as “Colonizer Christmas.”


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One panelist suggested that we “back off” of the holiday tradition this year, citing changes to other holidays due to a national crisis. Maybe these panelists should back off the salt for once?

Oh no, you wild turkeys, you. You don’t get to cancel Thanksgiving for millions of Americans, some of whom have been under lockdown for months. No, you don’t get to use the current pandemic to project hatred and jaded beliefs about an American tradition.

The Twitterverse responds in the most glorious of ways:

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No, we don’t want anymore helpings of critical race theory. Every time we’ve tried it, it left a very bad taste in our mouths. There’s nothing sweet about salty commentary such as “decolonizing Thanksgiving dinner.” These notions don’t give off the aroma of gratitude and cheer.

Instead, what these progressives can do is what millions of us who observe the tradition do: give thanks for being in a country that has room for holidays of all kinds and that allows us to gather freely (at least while we still can). No one’s asking anyone to be grateful for the dark side of American history. But don’t ask for a seat at the Thanksgiving table with the rest of America if you’re going to not bring something positive to it. At the very least, bring some ice?


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  1. Cancel the holiday all together no day off take your asses to work, no shopping day after Turkey day you know what companies won’t like that😁. Nope no family coming in to visit less travel. No more extended holiday weekend especially if you wanted go to one of thoses Casinoson the Reservations people whom been to or live in certain States know what I mean. Throw in Christmas to go to work no day off New Years to whitish European undertone go to work. Then let’s see how people think then F’ it I’m sick n tired of the non-sense.


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