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Barack Obama ATTACKS Hispanic Christian Trump Voters

Barack Obama gave “The Breakfast Club” radio show a 50+ minute interview in which he said many things, including disparaging remarks about Hispanic Christians who voted for Trump. The 44th President seemed perplexed that any Hispanic would cast their vote for Trump in light of what he allegedly about “Mexicans.” Obama also repeated the now-age-old media line about Trump throwing “kids in cages.” The lack of self-awareness and irony in Obama’s comments cannot be overstated.

Obama’s “Breakfast Club” comments are not surprising. As a matter of fact, what the former President said is to be expected from someone like him. A leftist narcissist with a chip on his shoulder and an axe to grind against the current President. And of course, there is new book that Obama is selling. What better way for Obama to promote his new book than to engage in good old divisive Democratic party partisan political theater?

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Hispanic voters, as a collective, are known for being very religious and generally Catholic – especially if they come from Mexico. Obama criticized these religious Hispanics by saying that they overlook Trump’s negative comments about Mexicans specifically because they see eye to eye with the President on things like gay marriage and abortion.

Trump’s “rapist and murderers” comments that the media say he made in reference to all Mexicans were taken completely out of context. President Trump was speaking about illegal aliens and gang members. He also said that Mexico is not sending their best people. Meaning, Mexico has great people but they are intentionally sending bad people who cross the border illegally. Nothing is “racist” about that but, of course, the media sees it differently and reports on his comments from their warped perspective.

Obama had some nerve to mention the old “kids in cages” line from the media. Back when the issue of border detention was something that the media cared about, they showed pictures of the so-called “kids in cages.” Which were quickly debunked on social media as photographs from 2014 under Barack Obama’s Presidency. Trump reminded Joe Biden, who also brought up the “kids in cages” line at the last debate, that it was the Obama/Biden administration who built said cages. Left-wing apologists may cede that point but then say it is Trump who uses the cages. But the pictures from 2014 show the cages full of people… so that means Obama used them just the same as Trump. Funny how the standards of treatment change depending on who the person to blame is.

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