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Joe Biden’s New Dog Commander Has Bitten Seven People Hospitalizing A Secret Service Agent

Joe Biden’s newest dog, a German Shepherd called “Commander”, has allegedly bitten three people. One of the bite victims was apparently a Secret Service agent who was injured severely enough to require a hospital visit. Commander has also exhibited aggressive behavior aside from outright biting. This news comes on the heels of the Biden family’s prior White House dog, Major, being evicted back in 2021 for the exact same reasons. Some have floated the question about the Biden family mistreating their dogs. This is a valid question since two separate dogs have attacked random people inside and outside of the White House. Other Presidents have had dogs, but none of them have reportedly behaved in the manner that two of Joe Biden’s dogs have.


President Biden’s Dog Commander Allegedly Bit 7 People

Biden dog Commander bit or threatened 10 people, sent one to hospital

Biden’s dog Major involved in another biting incident – YouTube

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