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Sarah Silverman “Surrenders” To The Woke Mob

Comedian Sarah Silverman said that she “surrenders” to the woke mob on a recent episode of her self-titled podcast. She found herself in a whirlwind of controversy (yet again) due to something she said that infuriated the political left. MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid “retweeted” an article featuring Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The article’s headline said something about Florida creating a civilian military force. Joy Reid commented that the situation is “fascistly bananas”. Sarah Silverman’s respectfully responded to her comment by asking her to “please read the article” before posting. That was a mistake.

The woke mob came after Sarah Silverman in full force without mercy. Allegations of racism and even sexism due to Joy Reid being a black woman were thrown about casually. Silverman did not appear to see many options out of this situation. So she just threw her hands up and “surrendered” to the woke mob.

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This is not the first time she has come under fire in this fashion. She had said other things that angered the leftist establishment. The obvious issue here is that Silverman continues to push far-leftist propaganda on her social media and podcast platforms. If she doesn’t want to be attacked with allegations of refusing to adhere to leftist standards, then she needs to stop promoting them.


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  1. Radical people like her feel that they should not have to lie in the bed they made, or reap what they have sown. They don’t feel they should have to face the consequences of their actions. They either want to blame someone else, or appeal to other people’s charity in the hopes that they’ll be let off the hook. To them, it’s other people that should have to suffer, not them.


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