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Secret Service Closes White House Cocaine Investigation Without Suspect

The Secret Service has concluded its investigation into the White Hous cocaine scandal without any named suspect. The Federal Government spares no expense regarding the resources they utilize to determine guilt, innocence, possession, or anything else they want to figure out. According to a statement, the Secret Service did all they could to find out more about the baggie of cocaine found in the West Wing of the White House, to no avail.

Security cameras, fingerprint forensics, nothing yielded any usable evidence. The White House also wanted to stress that Hunter Biden and his family were not at the Executive Estate over the weekend. This is partially true as Hunter was there as late as Friday night before the family trip to Camp David. Many conservative politicians and regular people do not believe the story coming from the White House about cocaine. Most people think that Hunter Biden brought the drugs and dropped them by accident.

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Never have any drugs been recovered from inside that place. One person attempted to bring a bag of weed into the White House and they were stopped before they made it to the entrance. Whatever protocols and/or tools were used to stop the weed should have stopped the cocaine as well. However, such security measures won’t apply to people who are not privy to search before entrance – such as the President’s son. This “conclusion” reads more like a dog-and-pony show leading to a coverup than a true investigation to get down to the bottom of an incident.


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