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Florida Mother Forced Out Of Apartment Over Vaccine Requirement

Florida landlord Santiago Alvarez forced a black mother of two out of her apartment due to his own vaccine mandate. The woman in question, Jasmine Irby, was notified by her apartment complex that her lease was coming up for renewal. Just a few days later, she was notified that she would need to be vaccinated in order to renew her lease. Irby then visited the leasing office in person. Once there, she was able to speak directly to the landlord. Irby was informed that the vaccine requirement was not in black and white in the lease agreement but she would need to agree to it anyway in order to renew.

Jasmine Irby was not evicted from the apartment she was renting. She was, however, forced to leave voluntarily due to the situation. Her options were limited. Getting the vaccine was out of the question for her, so there were two other options. Well, maybe three other options but realistically two. The first option would be to refuse the vaccine requirement and also refuse to leave the apartment without signing the lease. This would have resulted in eviction. She chose to simply leave before the eviction because she did not sign the lease renewal. This gave her time to find a new home for herself and her two children and it avoided the “eviction” mark to follow her when it came time to apply for another apartment.

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Another option here would have been to take this situation to court. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has pledged to enforce fines of $5,000 dollars per violation to any business owner enforcing vaccine mandates. The landlord announced publicly that he simply does not care about the Governor’s order and will gladly take any case to court. A single mother with two kids probably does not have the time or money to fight a landlord with 1,200 rental units. So the choice she made was the best one she could have made.

Santiago Alvarez says he instituted the vaccine mandate because several of his tenants have died because of the virus. He says people have the right to do what they want but they will not endanger his tenants on his property by not getting the vaccine. The problem is that the vaccine does not prevent transmission. All that it does is reduce hospitalization rates (allegedly). So if the vaccine cannot protect the recipient, then how can it protect a third party? This simply does not make sense. It is anti-science. The reality of what works and what makes common sense is irrelevant to the ignorant masses brainwashed by mainstream media and fake, woke “science” officials.



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