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CNN Contributor Van Jones Says Democrats Have Become Weird And People Are Walking Away

CNN contributor Van Jones recently said that Democrats have become weird with their language and actions. According to Jones, this “weirdness” is driving off the middle class and further disenfranchising the lower class. Maybe the intention of the upper-crust elite is to be more “inclusive” with terms like “Latinx” (a term for Hispanics without gendered language) or “BIPOC” (Black Indigenous People Of Color). The problem is that these terms simply come off as weird and people in the general public do not use them.

Elitist leftists also shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to how they interact with lower-class people, especially lower-class minorities. They are over-promised things like “reparations” that never come. And although these promises never fully come to fruition, the middle class is taxed beyond belief every time something like that is even mentioned. This process alienates both the middle class and lower class with only the elites left to try and salvage what remains.

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