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CNN Contributor Van Jones Says Democrats Have Become Weird And People Are Walking Away

CNN contributor Van Jones recently said that Democrats have become weird with their language and actions. According to Jones, this “weirdness” is driving off the middle class and further disenfranchising the lower class. Maybe the intention of the upper-crust elite is to be more “inclusive” with terms like “Latinx” (a term for Hispanics without gendered language) or “BIPOC” (Black Indigenous People Of Color). The problem is that these terms simply come off as weird and people in the general public do not use them.

Elitist leftists also shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to how they interact with lower-class people, especially lower-class minorities. They are over-promised things like “reparations” that never come. And although these promises never fully come to fruition, the middle class is taxed beyond belief every time something like that is even mentioned. This process alienates both the middle class and lower class with only the elites left to try and salvage what remains.

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  1. “Black Indigenous People Of Color” … WTAF? Since when are black people indigenous to north America? I think this buffalo soldier hypocritical halfwit and anyone else who says that actually means to say indigent, because clearly theyre the laziest demographic when it comes to actual work for money rather than always looking for shortcuts, handouts, smash n grabs etc.

  2. I think they mean Black, Indigenous, People Of Color, as in 3 separate demographics but one equal solidified group. Which is incredibly stupid putting black people, or anyone else, in the same category as with Native American Indians considering what blacks and other people of color did to them, and through black politicians continue to do to this very day.

  3. Either way its pathetic. nothing but buffalo soldier hypocritical lies. so typical of “african” americans (as if).

    Typical. These people are living in some fabricated past and completely delusional. If everybody lived today based on the past be it 100 years or 1,000 years makes no difference the past is the past is the past and throughout history every race has been subject to slavery discrimination “lynching” and worse. In fact if you look at the entire world history white skinned people have suffered far more than any other. Educate yourself before speaking on such matters dimwit. Learn some factual history for once.

    Most of present day white America has no tie to any slavery in America because most weren’t even here until after the turn of the 20th century. And those that did immigrant were immediately discriminated against by, you guessed it, black people, ex slaves no less. Lets also not forget that white indentured servitude aka slavery from the 1600’s onward and Catholic Church literally kidnapping white children from orphanages and right off of the streets of the UK and Europe sent to the new world to work aka child labor aka slavery up to as late as the 1970’s. We’re talking about tens of millions of adults and millions of kids and now their ancestors in present day America all of whom were victims of white slavery and had nothing to do with black slavery. These are historical facts. What about them and their reparations?

    Get over yourself 21st century black America take accountability for your own choices and actions. Nobody owes you a damn thing. The more you push the more resistance you will receive and ultimately history will repeat itself you will be back in chains or worse. You are also not taking responsibility for the actions of your ancestors mass murdering, raping and stealing native indigenous peoples resources land and entire cultures. Carried out by, you guessed it, black people, ex slaves no less. These are historical facts. What about them and their reparations?

    You had a president for 8 years, which is actually 12 with Biden and Harris aka Obama v2.0. Look whats happened. Your people have destroyed America. BLM is a scam and pathetic joke. These people deserve nothing but a slap, shackles and work duty to fund their miserable prison lives.

    And what about present day violent crime in America? Shall we go there too? Black America has created its own pathetic existence and destiny and its only getting worse. Police you say? More whites, double in fact, than blacks are killed by police each year. “but there are more whites than black’s”.. in which case, per capita more native American Indians than blacks are killed by police each year. So much for your money grabbing CRT reparation bullshit theories.

    You are the epitome of hypocrisy. You are not immune to accountability! You want to be treated like a normal human being? Act like one. Otherwise shut your pie hole and accept your punishment.


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