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“SoHo Karen” Is A Person Of Color And Can’t Be Racist?

Miya Ponsetto, also known as “SoHo Karen”, told Gayle King that she cannot be racist because she is a person of color. 22-year-old Ponsetto got into an altercation with a 14-year-old black male named Keyon Harrold, Jr. over her cell phone at the swanky “Arlo” Hotel in Manhattan. The incident was, of course, recorded, and after the video went viral and tons of allegations of “racism” were sent in Ponsetto’s direction, she interviewed with CBS and Gayle King.

The interview between Miya Ponsetto and Gayle King covered quite a bit of ground. Ponsetto’s lawyer was like a deer in the headlights, often being completely ignored by Ponsetto. There were even some testy exchanges between Ponsetto and King, such as one moment during a barrage of questions where Ponsetto said “enough” at king in an extremely dismissive fashion. Through the minefield that was the CBS interview, one moment in particular stands out. And that is when Gayle King asked Miya Ponsetto about racism. Ponsetto said she cannot be racist because she is Puerto Rican, a person of color.

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Ponsetto’s response to the racism question appeared to have visibly stunned Gayle King. It was surprising to hear King say that anyone can be racist regardless of color because this is not the typical leftist line. For years, the mainstream left’s position is that “people of color” (which includes “SoHo Karen”) cannot be racist because they do not have the power whites have. This “lack of power” has ironically given non-whites the power to do and say nearly whatever they want, especially when cloaked in a politically correct narrative like Black Lives Matter.

Now that the “I can’t be racist because I’m not white” card is being used in a politically disadvantageous situation, the very people who granted said card wish to revoke it. But only in this particular circumstance, because the narrative of “racist white woman attacks little black boy” – though untrue, is more important than the shield of an assumed victimhood status.


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