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Did Gov. Cuomo Do an About Face on Reopening NY?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo outlined his plan to “defeat COVID” during his Jan. 11 State of the State Address. In it, Cuomo stated the Empire State “cannot stay closed,” calling for an “economic resurgence.” He stated that waiting for the vaccine to reach critical mass would result in there being no businesses left to open.

Gee. It’s almost as if President Donald Trump said the very same thing months ago, only to be shut down by the left-wing lawmakers for entertaining the thought.

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Gov. Cuomo is 100 percent correct, but his righteous stance comes too little, too late. Sadly, New York leads the nation in its population decline, and the coronavirus pandemic certainly didn’t help. As reported by the New York Times, location data suggests that between March 1 and May 1, that more than 400,000 residents left New York City alone.

If anything, it’s largely the widespread, strict lockdowns that took a giant bite out of the Big Apple, as residents no longer tolerate their businesses and schools being shut down. According to the New York Times, more than 2,800 businesses in NYC alone have closed their doors forever, and a report suggests that a third of the city’s small businesses may never make a comeback.

What New Yorkers — no, all of America wants to know is why it took 11 months to foresee an economic collapse such as this? Lawmakers locked away livelihoods and now claim to hold the key, no different than Democratic lawmakers in the House holding up stimulus bills for some quite selfish reasons. No one with two braincells believes that these governors, mayors and state officials were completely daft to what extreme lockdowns could do to small businesses and hardworking Americans.

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Governors like Kristi Noem of South Dakota, and Ron DeSantis of Florida understood the potential economic devastation, identifying widespread shutdowns and mandates as a cure that’s worse than the disease itself. As a result, their COVID numbers appear to be no worse than that of the rest of the nation’s despite remaining open and people taking precautions as needed.

What many on the right are entitled to believe is that these lawmakers held out until President Trump made his exit from office. Only then, when there is a transfer of power, would these progressive lawmakers lift their knees from the necks of their residents and allow America to breathe.

In the coming weeks if not months, it would not be a surprise if we see a loosening of this tightly woven rope of restrictions cast upon us. Mask mandates lifted and people becoming less and less “socially distanced.” It wouldn’t be a shock to see more smiling faces and fewer people suffering because after Jan. 20, the “virus” that progressive America feared most could be gone for good.

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