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Statue of George Washington Toppled and Burned in Portland!

A statue of George Washington was desecrated with various graffiti, toppled off of its base, then draped with a burning American flag during a “protest” centering around police brutality in America. The words that are spelled out in graffiti on the statue explain why it was destroyed.

The year “1619” is one of the pieces of graffiti on the side of the statue that stands out the most. This year refers to the first slaves that came to what is now the United States. “Big Floyd” was drawn onto the base of the statue, referring to George Floyd. And of course, the obligatory “BLM” and derogatory references to police were included.

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Old Hats Die Hard

None of this is new. George Washington has been a target of anti-America, pro-chaos types for quite a few years. Student at George Washington University (in Washington, D.C., no less) voted to remove the George Washington mascot from campus. The burning and/or general desecration of American flags are also common among ANTIFA types. The internet is littered with videos of people driving their cars over flags on the ground.

A great question here is … why are these destructive events allowed to take place? And also, is there no law and order?

Feature Creep

Far-leftist extremists who destroy American monuments and statues are given small leeway that they extend into a large blank check. First, they destroy so-called “harmful” Confederate statues. Nobody really bats an eye because who cares about the big, bad, racist Confederates… right? The most vocal objection against destroying Confederate statues is usually “put them in a museum” which is the same thing as destroying them. Out of sight, out of mind.

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But once the Confederate statues are removed, then what? Well, of course, it’s time to remove every single statue of a white man that exists. Or even a statue that looks old. A statue of black civil war heroes was desecrated. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and everyone else is pretty much up on the table to destroy. When it’s all said and done, the only person eligible for a statue will be Barack Obama. Let’s just hope he can his slave-owning ancestry from his mother under wraps.

The end game for all of this is similar to what happens in the Middle East when Muslim groups conquer. All statues and relics get confiscated or destroyed. Books get burned. Clothing is even policed and adjusted to fit the new culture the conquerors want. They even rename cities. Constantinople becomes Istanbul.

Conquering and renaming a place usually comes at the end of a sword. Not necessarily through social media and general street rabble-rousing. There have to be dramatic events for people to accept defeat. But nowadays, it’s much easier to demoralize a people into a submission state similar to losing a lengthy physical battle.

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