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Black Man Shot and Killed Inside CHAZ / CHOP Seattle!

A black man was shot and killed inside of the CHAZ / CHOP area set up by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter early Saturday morning/ late Friday night. That’s a very interesting way to express that black lives matter. Another shooting happened just a few minutes later in the same area one block away.

Police arrived soon after the shooting to render the first and possibly second victim aid. However, police were met by a large crowd of angry people and were not able to help. CHOP “medics” took the victims to the nearby hospital (in Seattle, of course). One shooting victim, the black man, actually died. The second one is in critical condition. Maybe the first person wouldn’t have died if the angry mob allowed police to render him aid earlier.

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Clueless in Freeattle

Shootings shouldn’t happen in a place like CHOP. After all, Seattle’s Mayor Jenny Durkan described the zone as having a “block party” atmosphere. Durkan opined about the occupation possibly becoming the next “summer of love”. When Governor Jay Inslee was asked about the strong-armed takeover of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, he had never even heard about it. Inslee was quoted saying “It’s news to me” after the CHOP question.

The shootings come as no surprise to anyone with their eyes open. CHOP, as it’s now known, is a very dangerous place and has been from the start. The way it started was dangerous and illegal. Police were forced out of their precinct. Businesses out of their shops. People that live in the neighborhood are now essentially hostage, especially at night. The already bad drug problem becomes worse without any police to act as some sort of deterrent.

A Blind Man Could Have Seen This Coming

It was only a matter of time before someone lost their life in CHOP. Then there are the multiple reports of robberies and rapes inside the zone and nearby as well. The so-called “protesters” in the area generally do not like the police. It’s safe to say that they hate the police. But calls to the police have tripled since the arrival of CHOP. If this is some sort of exercise in self-policing, then it’s an obvious fail.

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Time For The President To Intervene?

Calls from the general public from across the nation to President Trump to help Seattle seem to fall on deaf ears. But in reality, there is not much that Trump could or should do. ANTIFA are already known as a terrorist organization. Trump vehemently speaks out against the rioting. Laws are already on the books preventing destruction of property and general mayhem.

The only thing Trump can do here is to send in the US military to tighten Seattle up and clear out CHOP. But then that opens up a whole can of worms. Trump would be labeled as a dictator who uses his own private military force to suppress the First Amendment.

Other Cities Know How To Handle This

Clearing out CHOP is really on the back of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and to a lesser extent, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. Trump is prepared to give all of the federal assets that they may need, but they refuse to do anything. Asheville, North Carolina immediately suppressed the offshoot CHOP when it attempted to materialize itself on their streets. Same with Portland, Oregon out of all the places in the world.

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This mess is Seattle’s and Seattle’s alone to clean up. Not anyone else’s.


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