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Ma’Khia Bryant’s Family Has A Press Conference With Their Lawyer

Ma’Khia Bryant’s family held a press conference with their lawyer in Columbus, Ohio to introduce themselves to the media. They showed pictures of a better time in Ma’Khia’s life and expressed sorrow at the fact she is no longer living. The lawyer was sort of the orchestrator on the scene, making sure each family member had the opportunity to be heard. Reporters were there and they asked some very serious questions toward the end of the nearly 14-minute video. This moment is where things fell apart, and the true purpose of the press conference may have become crystal clear.

The family may very well love their daughter, sister, niece, and granddaughter. Just as any family would. However, there were some questions that reporters on the scene asked that went unanswered. If the family are so loving, and if Ma’Khia was as well, then what were the circumstances that led to her becoming a ward of the state? If so many people came out for her after she passed away, where were they when she needed somewhere to stay? The mother and father do not appear to be on drugs and they are not in prison. So why don’t either of them have custody? Not a single one of those questions was answered.

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Cases like this have been happening quite a bit in recent times. Not just a questionable police shooting, but a questionable police shooting where money may be involved. Large sums of money. The family did not specifically say they are suing anyone, but they did lawyer up. The lawyer says that “systems” failed Ma’Khia – the legal system and the foster care system. Those two entities may be the target of potential litigation. Legal experts and just regular people on the left and the right have agreed on this issue more than most. The officer did not have much of a choice in this matter. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.


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